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Temecula Valley Dance Connection - Rules

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Proper respect will be shown to both participants and staff in conversation and interaction at all times.

  3. The Dance Connection will not administer medications or prescriptions of any kind.

  4. Participants must remain on the premises during scheduled event hours. No supervision is provided beyond the immediate premises. We are not able to provide adequate staffing to locate those who have left the premises without compromising the safety of those who remain.

  5. Any participant that engages in any illegal act will not be allowed to participate. This includes, but it not limited to threatening, striking, fighting, drug possession, possessing any type of weapon, including pocket knives. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed.

  6. Participants who, in the opinion of staff, are disruptive or make it difficult for other participants or staff to participate, or compromise the integrity of the Temecula Valley Dance Connection will be disbanded from the program.

  7. The Temecula Valley Dance Connection is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  8. Participants must be picked up on time. Staff will be on the premises 15 minutes before and after event hours. No supervision will be provided other than during scheduled event hours.

  9. Parents/Guardians of participants should be aware that no "chaperoning" is provided either before or after the Dance Connections hours of 5-6pm. This includes any outside activities, even if other Dance Connection members are participating. In particular, we do not arrange or supervise transportation. Parents/Guardians with concerns with their young adults' ability to participate unsupervised must assume responsibility.

Temecula Valley Dance Connection